Mid-World Arts is not a publishing company. We are an artists’ studio, a co-op, a union, in the broad senses of all those words. At Mid-World, we pool our resources. What you don’t know, maybe I do. What you know, you share with me. We help each other navigate the treacherous waters of publication, help each other get from point A to point B without running aground. We’re a brain trust of experience.

This studio community is designed to aid its members in creating literary art, editing it, polishing it, and preparing it for presentation to the powers that be in publishing. Or, just as likely, it’s a launchpad into self-publishing, where those who have been there help their fellow artists prepare files, design covers, upload to servers and manage distribution.

Mid-World Arts is authors sharing experiences to facilitate success. You cannot join; you can only be invited.

Check out the publications we’ve already released to the world.

We’re stalwart explorers in a raw, often hostile land, gathered around a fire to keep warm in the night. Welcome. Come share the warmth and the light. We have stories to tell until dawn.

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